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More dates for german tour in April
The last and final date's has now been added for the german Rock'n'Roll Overdose tour in April 2013.

Here are the dates:

11.04.2013 Bstard Club Osnabrück (D)
12.04.2013 Eisenbahnhalle Losheim (D)
13.04.2013 Matrix Bochum (D)
14.04.2013 Vortex Siegen (D)
15.04.2013 Paunchy Cat Lichtenfels (D)
16.04.2013 Backstage Club München (D)
17.04.2013 C-Club Berlin (D)
18.04.2013 Markthalle Hamburg (D)
19.04.2013 Alter Gasometer Zwickau (D) *
20.04.2013 Rockfabrik Nürnberg (D)
21.04.2013 Nachtleben Frankfurt (D)
22.04.2013 Cafe Atlantic Freiburg (D)
23.04.2013 Galery Pratteln (CH)
25.04.2013 Underground Köln (D)
26.04.2013 Kaminwerk Memmingen (D)
27.04.2013 Steintor-Varite Halle (D)
28.04.2013 Hugenottenhalle Neu-Isenburg (D)

* without Bulletmonks and The New Black

... and a merry christmas to all of ya.

More shows in Febuary 2013
Happy to annouce some more shows for the "Guns, Trucks and Cattle tour" with Bourbon Boys.
After starting off in Stockholm at Febuary the 7th., we willmove on the Linköping and Gothenburg.

Here are the dates:

07.02.2013 Debaser Stockholm (S)
08.02.2013 L´Orient Linköping (S)
09.02.2013 Foajen@Stora Teatern Gothenburg (S)

Keep your eyes open, more will come...
New tour in Germany in april 2013
Good news for all of you die-hard rocker's in Germany.

It has just been announced that Supercharger will attend the Rock'n'Roll Overdose tour in the spring of 2013.

We will be touring most parts of Germany together with Psychopunch, '77, The New Black and Motorjesus.

This is literally an overdose of rock'n'roll. In addition to the 5-band lineup there will be tattoo-artists, commedy, sexy devils, drinks and games... and with a little luck, you will have front-row seats right next to the stage.

Here are the dates:

12.04.2013 Eisenbahnhalle Losheim (D)
13.04.2013 Matrix Bochum (D)
17.04.2013 C-Club Berlin (D)
18.04.2013 Markthalle Hamburg (D)
19.04.2013 Alter Gasometer Zwickau (D)
20.04.2013 Rockfabrik Nürnberg (D)
26.04.2013 Kaminwerk Memmingen (D)
27.04.2013 Steintor-Varite Halle (D)

More dates will be added, so stay tuned..

The Germany tour over ab DONE!
A succesful tour supporting Mustash in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is now over and done. All in all 16 cities, 15 shows, 3 countries and 5665 km.

We want to thank all of you who supported us and made it what it was... An Unforgettable tour.
A special thanks goes out to Mustasch and Eat Music...

Rock on. Hope to see ya all again in 2013...
"We will fucking see us!" ;-)
The last Supercharger tour in 2012 is over and DONE!
New tour with Bourbon Boys in February
Ladies and Gents. We are proud to announce the first tourdate from the upcoming "Shotguns, trucks and cattle" tour, starting 2013!
We are in for exciting times people. Spread the word!!!

We will be touring with our friends from the north, Bourbon Boys [SE]. Dates has been booked for Febuar and March, so stay tuned..!

First gig is Debaser in Stockholm on February the 7th, 2013

Nikki Sixx plays Supercharger
Nikki Sixx, as you probably know, radio-host on Bandit Rock radio. Every Tuesday, he has his own show, called The Sideshow Countdown. Nikki choose the music he plays him self.

To our delight he has this evening chosen to play Supercharger- Rise and fall.

Nikki Sixx, we salute you, and thanks you for your program and eminent track selection ;-)

The Sideshow Countdown broadcast on Tuesdays from 19-21 pm on Bandit. If you cant pick up Bandit Rock on the radio, you can listen to on their website.

Supercharger on Bandit Rock
This Saturday Supercharger is gonna appear on Bandit Rock's radioshow "Bandit Rock Party.

Together with Bandit Rock's own Richie Puzz and Sheriffen, Supercharger will get your Saturday pre-party started. Wil will flip records, talk about all and nothing and party out on the air, from 19:00 to 00:00.

Send us an SMS to +46 724 45, with the song you want to hear.

More shows added to the tour
Shows in Köln and Paris, France has now been added to the tour.
Check out the flyer below and decied which show you're gonna attend.

Supercharger on tour with Mustasch
It is now official. Supercharger will once again be touring Europe, supporting our follow hard-rockers Mustasch.

From the 7th of til the 24th or November we'll we´ll be touring Germany, Switzerland and Austria, starting out in Hamburg and finishing in Osnabrück. Through out the tour we will visit places that we've played before, as well as venues that are brand new to us.

So to all of you germans... If you haven't had the opportunity to rock out with us before, now is the time to check out the scedual, and decied which show you're gonna attend.

07.11.2012 Logo Hamburg (D)
08.11.2012 Pumpe Kiel (D)
09.11.2012 Cadillac Oldenburg (D)
10.11.2012 Hellraiser Leipzig (D)
11.11.2012 Crystal Berlin (D)
13.11.2012 Rockfabrik Ludwigsburg (D)
14.11.2012 Orange House München (D)
15.11.2012 Weekender Club Innsbruck (A)
16.11.2012 Rock City Uster (CH)
18.11.2012 Treue Bremen (D)
22.11.2012 KFZ Marburg (D)
23.11.2012 Turock Essen (D)
24.11.2012 Bastard Club Osnabrück (D)
Supercharger will play Bandit Boat
It is now confirmed. SuperCharger is among the first bands being announced to play the next Bandit Boat event. We're talking 23 hours rock/metal baot-trip from Sweden to Finland and back.

SuperCharger will paly along side Raubtier.. more bands will be announced later.

For more info follow the link Bandit Boat 13

New video
It's here! Check out our new video
Supercharger appears on Bandit Most Wanted double-CD
Supercharger appears on Bandit Most Wanted double compilation-CD along side with bands like D:A:D, Mustasch, Rammstein, Volbeat and many more.

Buy the CD here

Redemption Song
The countdown has begun. On monday January the 16th. we release the musicvideo for Redemption Song. As the albumtrack, the video will features Mia Coldheart from Crucified Barbara in duet with Mikkel.

Like the video for Rise and Fall, this new video is shot'n'cut by our good friends "A-Rock & HobbE", and once again they have outdone themselves. We are very happy with the result, and can't wait to show you guys.

So stay tuned untill monday.

Bandit Rock Awards
We have just been told that SuperCharger is nominated in 2 categories at the Bandit Rock Awards 2012. The categories are "Best international album" and "Best beakthrough".

Further more at is now official that SuperCharger will mke a live appearance during the show along with 3 Doors Down, Raubtier, Amaranthe and more. We cant wait for this event and would love to bring home one of these great awards.

So don't forget to vote for SuperCharger in the described categories. Follow the link below to vote.

Vote here

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