Burnt and falling
Crawled too high
Rock hard ground is nearing
There aren't much time
Scorched and hurting
Paid the price
No one’s hearing
My crazy manic cries

Asked questions no one dared
found some answers to my despair
Scorched my wings and let me fall
Thought I was high divine
Blooded myself but I had to try
Went for it all ohh what a dash

Had a calling
Fucked it all
Stakes so high so nobody
Dared to call
Broke my bones yeah
Rent my flesh
Had an outing
With demons and gods themselves

Asked questions no one dared…

I did not know that knowledge could kill
If I did I would have close my eyes and lived
Was enlightened and chose regrets
I fester as my burns worsen day by day

Asked questions no one dared

All words and music by Supercharger.

© 2009, All rights reserved.