Redemption Song
I've been walking on real thin ice
I've pushed my luck for quite a while
I broke your heart, yeah, I played your mind
And I think I've gone too far this time
And I hate to say goodbye

Now you're gone
I know what I've broken
And it feels so wrong
Moving on, nothing's what it used to be On my own
I sit here all alone
Just writing all night long
On my redemption song

You played the game, yeah, you rolled the dice
Now it's time for you to pay the price
Ripped out my heart, got a knife in the back
Now i'm slowly getting back on track
So i have to say goodbye

I tried so hard but blew it instead
The same old record playing over again
Baby, I'm the one to blame


All words and music by Supercharger.

2011, All rights reserved.